Next Year the plans are for more divisions and adding a girls league


Sunday, September 11

Registration and exhibition games to select teams


Sunday, December 4


Allstar Game

Sunday, December 11

All Stars

Shakeel Manji     Team Money

Kevin Endozo    Blast Masters

Rick Summers     Wolverines

Jaydan Bains    Youngbloodz

Kayse Schaal     Team Money

Junior Varsity MVP

Darius Yakmission    Youngbloodz (on right)

Freshman League Playoffs
Sunday, Dec 20
Columbia Bible College

Third Place Game

Jaguars 53   Cheetah46

Championship Game

Dream Team55   Hawks35

All Stars

Dan Dong      MVP

Jug Sander    Dream Team

Aiden Buchannan    Cheetah

Ben McGuckin     Hoop Squad

Charn Hari    Hawks

Freshman MVP

Jaylen Lee    Dream Team (on left)

Freshman League Write upDecember 20, 2015

Hoop Squad   vs   Hawks

This game was a forfeit as Hoop Squad was not able to field a team as many to the team members left on vacation.  In the exhibition game that look place, with replacement players from The League, put on a good show and the game was a competitive affaire.  Marco Sidhu had a strong game for Hoop Squad with 16 points and 3 boards while everyone on the Hawks scored in a truly team affair.

Cheetah   vs   Jaguar

The game for third was a spirited affair with the game close throughout.  The Jaguars came away with a 53 to 46 win but had to work to take third place in the first edition of The League in Abbotsford.  Aiden Buchanan did his best to keep Cheetah in the game with a game high 26 points and 6 rebounds followed by Dylan Mitchell’s 10 points and 8 rebounds.  Harshdeep Gill paced the Jaguars with 20 points and 6 rebounds followed by Arvin Deol and Ravi Chattha with 15 and 14 points respectively.

Dream Team    vs   Hawks

The Championship game started out well for the Hawks but Dream Team was too strong for them and after they started connecting they pulled away and then ran away with the game in the second half by a 55 to 35 score.  The combination of Jaylen Lee and Jung Sander was too much as the Dream Team completed a perfect season and remained undefeated. Jug Sander with 18 points and Jaylen Lee and Harkamal Sandhu with 12 points led the Dream Team to the fist ever League championship. The Hawks were paced by Char Hari’s 10 points and 5 rebounds followed by Jimmy Gill and Tejwant Brar with 8 points each.

 Junior Varsity Write up December 20, 2015

Team Money   vs    Blast Masters

The semi final game between these two teams looked like a great ballet but the Blast Masters jumped into an early lead andTeam Money looked nervous and could not fine the hoop till it was too late.  Blast Master went on tow in by a 53 to 42 score and secure a spot in the final against Youngblood.  Pacing the Blast Master were Kevin Endozo with 15 points and 10 rebounds to earn a double double followed by 13 points fro sharp shooter earl Sena with 13 points.  Sam Birdi chipped in with 9 points in the win and was great on the defensive end.  Team Money could not get its stars going and made a late charge but it was a little too late.  they were led by Shak Manji with 17 points and Gurshan Sahota with 11 points.  Kayse Schaal with 12 rebounds.

Ballers   vs   Wolverines

This game was a forfeit game as well as the Wolverines could not field a team.  Member of the first game chipped in and an exhibition game broke out with the Wolverines boosted by some of the Team Money squad took it to the Ballers by an 86 to 61 score.  The Wolverines were led byTeam Money standouts Shak Manji (26 points) and Kayse Schaal (18 points).  Rick Summers continued with his strong play for the Wolverines with 24 points and 9 rebounds. Ballers were led by Gary Dhaliwal with 22 points and 4 rebounds followed by David Draayers with 12 points.

Youngbloodz    vs   Blast Mastes

The championship game was a good one and lived up to its billing as the two best teams took to the floor.  The game provided some great excitement in a thrilling come from behind with for the Blast Master by a 54 to 53 score to win the first JV divisional championship.  Youngblood jumped out to an early lead with only 4 players as the holidays took its toll on players.  However, Youngbloodz has Darius Yakmission, the leagues leading scorer by a wide margin, and he continued to shine, although double teamed throughout the contest.  Blast Masters never quit and keep coming to take the lead in the last 2 minutes only to see Youngbloodz take it back and the see saw battle continued until the final seconds when Kevin Endozo had free throws to put the game up by 1.  Darius came down but ran into a wall of Blast masters in the final seconds and turned the ball over with no time on the clock. Pacing the Blast Masters in the win were Kevin Endozo with 15 points and 6 rebounds followed by Tristen Shalyer with 12 points and 22 rebounds, in what this writer thought was the reason for the Blast Master win.  His performance in the second half was spectacular.  Sam Birdi rounded out the scoring for Blast Master with 12 points and 5 rebounds.  Youngblood were led by Darius Yakmission with 28 points and 11 rebounds followed by Jayden Bains with 13 points and 6 rebounds.  



T he League Allstars vs Dream Hoops Allstars - The League won by a 60 to 58 score

The League Allstars vs Dream Hoops Allstars - The League won by a 60 to 58 score

The League Allstars vs Dream Hoops Allstars - Dream Hoops won by a 87 - 62 score

The League Allstars vs Dream Hoops Allstars - Dream Hoops won by a 87 - 62 score

Go to:  -  for details on results and schedules


This is a league for Boys Grade 6-7-8 (Freshman) and Boys Grade 8-9-10(Junior Varsity)

The league will feature 1 game per team each week. An hour long game (25 running time in first half with a 5 minute half time and 22 minute running time in second half with the last 2 minutes stop time in games with scores within 10 points) on Sunday and Game times will be (1:00, 2:00, 3:00) 6 teams of 8 players in each division.  

8 players per team – 6 teams in each division – 48 players – register early to secure a spot

Teams will be picked on Registration Sunday, September 20 at CBC from 1 to 4 for each division.  Every attempt will be made to make teams as fair as possible.  

The league will consist of: registration scrimmages, 2 exhibition weeks, 10 league games with the last 2 weeks being playoffs for a total of 14 weeks.

 There will be championship trophies for the winning teams in each division.

5 All-star Awards and 1 MVP in each Division

Stats will be kept for Scoring and Rebounding as well as team standings

*Awards for leaders in scoring and rebounding


Adult referees will referee each game

Cost $225.00+GST – register online on Get in touch > Products Page

Go to for more details or contact Pat Lee at 778-808-3198.