BC Bounce

Spring Leagues

The leagues are for boys and girls who are looking for a competitive environment to play basketball in the off season.  The leagues provide an environment for kids to work on there skills without a lot of supervision.  Chance for kids to be kids and have fun enjoying the game.

This is a league for Boys and Girls in Grades 4 - 5 (Freshman) and Boys and Girls in Grade 6, 7, 8, 9(Junior Varsity).

The ages vary in each league depending on the skill sets of the players and movement between groups is encouraged so that the games remain competitive.

***There will be a limit of 48 players in each division so sign up early. We were full last session and some people were not able to register.

The league will consist of 1 exhibition selection game and 12 league games with the last week being playoffs.

Victoria day on May 23 will be taken off so you can enjoy the holiday

Teams will be selected on the first Monday of the league to ensure teams are fair but we will be sensitive to the needs of people playing together with friends. Trades can take place if teams are unbalanced in the first few weeks.

There will be championship awards for the winning teams in each division.

5 All-star Awards and 1 MVP in each Division

Stats will be kept for Scoring, Rebounding and Assists as well as team standings

2 qualified referees will referee each game

 Contact Pat Lee at 778-808-3198.