Summer League Rules

1.  4 running time quarters, 16 minutes running time, 2 minute half,   with last 2 minutes stop time if score with in 10 points
2.  Shooting fouls – 1 shot worth 2 points – if make a shooting foul – 1 shot worth 1 point awarded.  

*****NEW - Fouled in the act of shooting and you make it - 3 points given - no free throw.
*****NEW - 3 point shots will be worth one (1) point untill the last 2 minutes of the game.

3.  Each win worth 2 points: but an extra 3 points will be added for all teams having each person on roster score for that game.
4.  6 fouls to foul out of game
5.  Tie games decided by sudden death with the start a jump ball at center
6.  Stats for top 10 scores, rebounds, assists and stealswill be kept
7.  Playoffs on the last week to determine a champion in each division
8.  Any technical foul, for swearing or talking to the officials in a negative way,  will result in sitting for rest of game and the next game.
9.  Teams to keep track of subs and play to be fair – referees and gym coordinator to watch over this, if caught cheating on this by and individual player will be possibly suspended. One warning.
10. Substitutions every 4 minutes – horn to sound and referee to stop game and subs rotate in – in second half sub rotation for last 2 minutes in effect, but if game is close players, by mutual agreement, can decide who plays in the last 2 minutes
11.  Players must register with scorers table before they enter the game and their number for the game is the order on the score sheet – failure to report to scorer table to put name on score sheet is a technical foul for other team.