Playoff Schedule

Awards Ceremony

There will be an awards ceremony Saturday, June 27 after the championship game to give out championship medals, all-stars, MVP, and winners of the scoring and rebounding stats for both divisions at 7:45 in the room opposite the gym at ARC.  Pizza and pop to be included ans all players in the league are invited to attend.



Summer League Rules

1.  2 running time halves, first half 25 minutes running time, 5 minute half,      second half 22 minutes running time with last 2 minutes stop time if score with in 10 points

2.  Shooting fouls – 1 shot worth 2 points – if make a shooting foul – 1 shot worth 1 point awarded

3.  Each win worth 2 points but an extra point will be added for all teams having each person on roster score. 

4.  6 fouls to foul out of game

5.  Tie games decided by sudden death with the start a jump ball at center

6.  Stats for top 10 scores and rebounder's will be kept

7.  Playoffs on the last week to determine a champion in each division

8.  Any technical foul will result in sitting for rest of game and the next game.

9.  Teams to keep track of subs and play to be fair – referees and gym coordinator to watch over this

10. Substitutions every 4 minutes – horn to sound and referee to stop game and subs rotate in – in second half sub rotation for last 2 minutes in effect

11.  Players must register with scorers table before they enter the game and their number for the game is the order on the score sheet – failure to report to scorer table to put name on score sheet is a technical foul for other team.